8-week Mindful Pilates Matwork Immersion Online Course

I help people with postural issues and chronic back pain to move freely and return to their normal physical activities... joyfully.

Discover the

3 pillars of practice of Mindful Pilates that had helped our clients feel stronger, improve their postures and relieve frustrating chronic back pains...without

spending hours and lots of money at the clinic or studio.

Low back pain (LBP) has the highest prevalence globally among musculoskeletal conditions and is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

Most people experience LBP at some point in their lives. The peak in the number of cases occurs at 50–55 years, and women experience LBP more frequently than men.

Medical evidence suggests that back pain can cause physical limitations, eg. difficulty in standing, walking and sleeping, as well as psychological distress, such as depression and anxiety.

Chronic back pain can also affect a person's ability to work, increase the risk for developing health conditions, such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Mindful Pilates helps you to dive deeper and learn how to activate those postural muscles.

You will feel your inner core muscles activated in less than 3 days and feel a difference in your body in less than 14 days.

Follow our transformative 8-week mindful movement programme, and move from pain to freedom.

Physical & Mental Benefits

Stronger Core to alleviate pains

Better Balance to prevent falls

Improved Posture for a healthy spine

Mental Wellness for a pain free life

Join us in the

3 Pillars of Practice

Mindful Pilates

(Main Practice for this course)

Be guided on modified mindful pilates mat exercises that will strenghten your core effectively & safely

Gentle Yoga

Be guided on beginner and back friendly yoga poses that will help to enhance your flexibility and spinal mobility

Mindfulness Practice

Learn how to breathe properly and relax properly. Reduce anxiety and improve moods. Reduce risk of depression.

What others experienced in this programme?

Anne Tourney

Mindful Pilates is an approach I have never seen, and it's very important for me at this time in my life. I think it's always beneficial to review the basics of Pilates, especially when the approach is so unique.


I always had lower back pain issues, Ompulence online mindfulpilates and yoga classes really helped me to stay balanced and be aware of my posture. After delivery, I continued the classes as it was important to gain back my strength and stamina.

Suzanna Kusuma

Having online classes with Carol was one of the best things I could have. The classes are well structured and focusing on the fundamentals...there's a lot of core engagement once we get into the details, though the exercises may look simple.


I have chronic lower back pain. I am able to function better in my daily routine after attending Carol's mindful pilates classes.


I have lower back pain. My physical and emotional energies are always lifted at the end of the mindful pilates class and yoga stretches.”

Nicole Hoeger

I’ve been suffering from strong tensions in neck and shoulders for a very long time...Carol's pilates mat exercises are well explained and very effective

Cheng Keong

I suffered from frozen shoulder. I went to chiropractor but couldn’t get it healed. My shoulder had recovered unknowingly while practising Mindful Pilates with Carol.

You will be guided on the fundamentals of Stott Pilates and build strong inner core muscles effectively and safely, without straining your back or neck!

Access customised video tutorials and weekly new video tutorials, plus 8 x group coachings that will help you to kick start your mindful movement practice that will activate your deep core muscles in 14 days or lesser.

  • Customised core strengthening pilates exercises
  • Gentle yoga stretch that will help you to stretch mindfully and connect with your breaths
  • Learn how to release tension with mindful breathing & relaxation
  • Embrace mindfulness practices that will support you in any location or time.

US$ 997


Starting 8th Aug 2024

Limited to max. 15 participants.

Sign up now as I am keeping the group small

so that I can help you effectively.

Unlock the secret to a Pain Free life today!

ONE-Time Payment


  • Weekly Live Group Coaching during course duration (8 x 75 mins coaching)
    (Monthly dates to be sent to you)
  • Access 20 video tutorials on mindful pilates mat exercises
  • Access gentle yoga video tutorials
  • Access Mindful breathing, total relaxation & mindfulness practice video guides
  • PDF Notes with visuals and clear explanations to enhance learning
What will you be learning ?

Module 1

  • Basic Pilates principles and terminology
  • Breathwork for relaxation and focus

Module 2

  • Core activation techniques
  • Essential Pilates exercises for core strength
  • Modifications for different fitness levels

Module 3

  • Pilates exercises for better alignment
  • Enhancing spinal flexibility and mobility
  • Mindfulness practices for postural awareness
  • Targeting tight areas in the body
  • Combining mindfulness with stretching
  • Gentle yoga stretches to help you improve flexibility
  • Mindfulness practice

Module 4

  • Pilates mat exercises for overall strength and balance
  • Full-body tutorials for a holistic approach
  • Connecting breath with movement
  • Practise with simple props to enhance strength and mobility
  • Tracking progress and celebrating achievements
  • New sequence of gentle yoga stretches to help you improve flexibility
  • Mindfulness Practice anywhere, anytime.

Module 5

  • Applying Mindful Pilates principles beyond the course
  • Maintaining good posture during daily activities
  • Creating a long-term mindful movement plan

How I can help you...

Carol Cheong

I have been teaching movements for more than 20 years and I highly recommend integrating mindful pilates with mindful breathing & proper relaxation in your practice, as it will enhance your spinal and mental health.

Many times, our chronic back pains are caused by our hectic lifestyles and mental or emotional stresses. If we want to relieve our chronic back pains for good, we need to balance both our body and mind to prevent the pain from returning.

We need movements to stay strong and the mindfulness approach, allows us to turn inwards (feel our breaths).
I help people to improve their postures, reduce chronic pains

and prevent injuries. Experience the mindful pilates with me and build strength mindfully and live pain free.

  • Certified Stott Pilates Instructor (Matwork)
  • Certified Sivananda Yoga Instructor (ATTC)
  • Certified Mental Wellness Coach & Facilitator

I know starting a movement programme can be challenging for some of you but if we value this....

Practise anytime, anywhere

Access 20 and many more customised video tutorials and specialty workshops, plus weekly group coachings that will help you to kick start your mindful movement practice that will activate your deep core muscles in 7 days.

  • Customised core strengthening pilates exercises
  • Learn how to release tension with mindful breathing & relaxation
  • Practice calendar to guide you for effective transformation

US$ 997


Starting 8th Aug 2024

Limited to max. 15 participants.

Sign up now as I am keeping the group small

so that I can help you effectively.

We guarantee that by committing to this 8-week journey, you will experience profound changes that will positively impact your body, mind, and life.

If you're not completely satisfied with your results within the first two weeks, after practising with us. We'll refund your investment. Take the leap and discover the best version of yourself with our Mindful Pilates program!


We are happy to answer some of your questions

What is mindful Pilates, and how can it help improve my posture and relieve chronic pains?

Mindful Pilates combines the principles of Pilates with a focus on mindfulness and body awareness. This mini online course will teach you how to align your body properly, strengthen your core, and improve flexibility while cultivating a mindful connection with your movements. By practicing mindful Pilates regularly, you can experience enhanced posture and find relief from chronic pains caused by poor alignment and muscle imbalances.

Do I need any prior experience with Pilates or yoga to enrol in this immersion online course?

No prior experience is necessary! This course is designed to accommodate all levels, including beginners. Whether you are new to Pilates or mindfulness, our instructors will guide you through each session with clear instructions and modifications to suit your individual needs and abilities.

How long is each tutorial, and what equipment or props do I need for this course?

Each session in the mindful movment immersion online course is designed to be approximately 20-40 minutes long. The exercises are curated to efficiently target posture improvement and pain relief. As for equipment, you will only need a yoga mat or a comfortable, non-slip surface to practice on. Some sessions may incorporate optional props like resistance bands or Pilates balls, but they are not mandatory.

Will this course address specific chronic pain conditions such as back pain, neck pain, or joint discomfort?

Yes, our mindful movement immersion course is tailored to address common chronic pain conditions, including back pain, neck pain, and joint discomfort. Through focused exercises, you'll learn how to strengthen the supporting muscles, improve flexibility, and create better body alignment, which can alleviate pain and promote long-term relief.

How often should I practice mindful Pilates to see noticeable improvements in my posture and chronic pain relief?

Consistency is key to seeing improvements. We recommend practicing the mindful Pilates sessions at least 3 to 4 times a week. The short duration of each session makes it easier to incorporate into your daily routine. If there are days that you are really busy, a 5 mins short practice will help too. With regular practice, you can expect to experience enhanced posture, reduced chronic pain, increased body awareness, and overall physical and mental well-being.

If I have knee pains and not able to sit on the mat, is this programme suitable for me?

If you are not able to sit on the mat due to knee pains, this specific matwork programme will not be suitable for you. However, we have other programmes that are customised for your other problem, You can contact us and we can do a free 20 mins consultation. Click on the enquiry button below.

We are here to help you achieve lasting transformation!

  • Improve posture
  • Prevent & relieve chronic back and neck pains
  • Build confidence in quality movements and feel young, as we age

I am very keen but I still have a few more questions!

(We are happy to help you, please send us your questions.)

I am very keen but I still have questions.

Please send us your questions, we will be happy to answer!