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Benefits of our Mindful Movement Classes

Core Strengthening

Be guided on mindful pilates mat exercises that will strenghten your core and improve your posture and prevent chronic pains.

Increase Mobility

Balance of strength and mobility is required for us to stay pain free and move freely.

Improve Mental wellness

When we maintain good spinal health, we are able to breathe properly. This will enhance our nervous system which keeps us mentally healthy.

What will you be practising?

Mindful Pilates

Be guided on mindful pilates mat exercises that will strenghten your core effectively & safely

Sivananda Yoga

Be guided on the 12 basic postures of Sivananda Yoga that can help you balance your nervous system and mental well-being.

Mindfulness Practice

Learn how to breathe properly and relax properly. Reduce anxiety and improve moods. Reduce risk of depression.

Benefits of Pilates & Yoga

  • Strengthen your core effectively and safely
  • Increase spinal mobilisation effectively
  • Enhance proper breathing to balance nervous system
  • Release physical tension to encourage relaxation and mental clarity
  • Improve flexibility to reducing the risk of muscle strain and discomfort
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How I can help you

Carol Cheong

Principal Instructor

I have been teaching movements for more than 20 years and I am a part time lecturer teaching pilates and yoga, as an elective course. I highly recommend integrating mindful pilates with mindful breathing & proper relaxation in your practice, as it will enhance your spinal and mental health.

Many times, our chronic back pains are caused by our hectic lifestyles and mental or emotional stresses. If we want to relieve our chronic back pains for good, we need to balance both our body and mind to prevent the pain from returning.

We need movements to stay strong and the mindfulness approach, allows us to turn inwards (feel our breaths).
I help people to improve their postures, reduce chronic pains

and prevent injuries. Experience the mindful pilates with me and build strength mindfully and live pain free.

  • Certified Stott Pilates Instructor (Matwork)
  • Certified Sivananda Yoga Instructor (ATTC)
  • Certified Prenatal Teacher by The Centre for Women's Fitness by Carolyne Anthony
  • Certified Mental Wellness Coach & Facilitator


ICB Buidling (Beside Bugis Plus Mall)


(5 mins from Bugis MRT)

Burlington Square

175 Bencoolen Street #11-11

(5 mins from Bugis and Rochor MRT)

What others experienced in our classes?

Anne Tourney

Mindful Pilates is an approach I have never seen, and it's very important for me at this time in my life. I think it's always beneficial to review the basics of Pilates, especially when the approach is so unique.

Suzanna Kusuma

Having classes with Carol was one of the best things I could have. The classes are well structured and focusing on the fundamentals...there's a lot of core engagement once we get into the details, though the exercises may look simple.


I have chronic lower back pain. I am able to function better in my daily routine after attending Carol's mindful pilates classes.


I have lower back pain. My physical and emotional energies are always lifted at the end of the mindful pilates class and yoga stretches.”

Nicole Hoeger

I’ve been suffering from strong tensions in neck and shoulders for a very long time...Carol's pilates mat exercises are well explained and very effective

Cheng Keong

I suffered from frozen shoulder. I went to chiropractor but couldn’t get it healed. My shoulder had recovered unknowingly while practising Mindful Pilates with Carol.

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  • Valid for 5 weeks
  • Free General Postural Assessment
  • Progress Card to guide you in your practice
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  • Valid for 10 weeks
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Private Class


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$135/hr (contact Us)

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Small Group

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* Max. 6 people per class

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to stick to only pilates or yoga class?

You can take any open class to complete your class pass, be it yoga or pilates, as long as the class is suitable for your level and body. If you are not sure, just check with your instructor.

Is the class pass transferrable?

The class pass is non-transferrable. However, if you have medical proof that you are not able to continue with your paid class pass or that you are leaving Singapore for good, we are happy that you transfer your class pass to a friend or family member who can enjoy the remaining class(es).

Are these classes suitable for me?

Currently, both the yoga and pilates matwork classes are open level. It will be suitable for both beginner and intermediate level. However, if you are an absolute beginner, have any previous injuries or chronic pains, we will give you a free consultation to assess if these open classes are suitable for you. We want to ensure that you are safe and that the classes will help you effectively.

What is mindful Pilates, and how can it help improve my posture and relieve chronic pains?

Mindful Pilates combines the principles of Pilates with a focus on mindfulness and body awareness. This mini online course will teach you how to align your body properly, strengthen your core, and improve flexibility while cultivating a mindful connection with your movements. By practicing mindful Pilates regularly, you can experience enhanced posture and find relief from chronic pains caused by poor alignment and muscle imbalances.

Do I need any prior experience with Pilates or yoga to enrol in these classes?

This class is designed to accommodate all levels, including beginners. However, if you are absolutely new to movements, we will schedule a free 15 mins consultation call to give you a more specific advice.

Our instructors will guide you through each session with clear instructions and modifications to suit your individual needs and abilities.

How long is each lesson, and what props do I need for class?

Each lesson in the mindful pilates course is 70-75 minutes long. The pilates exercises, breathing and relaxation guides are curated to efficiently target posture improvement and pain relief. As for props (resistance band and pilates ball) and mats, we will be providing for this course.

For yoga classes, we will also be providing yoga mats and yoga blocks for your weekly practice.

Will these pilates classes address specific chronic pain conditions such as back pain, neck pain, or joint discomfort?

Yes, our mindful pilates classes are tailored to address common chronic pain conditions, including back pain, neck pain, and joint discomfort. Through focused exercises, you'll learn how to strengthen the supporting muscles, improve flexibility, and create better body alignment, which can alleviate pain and promote long-term relief. However, if you have acute pain or health condition, please consult your doctor before signing up.

How often should I practice mindful Pilates to see noticeable improvements in my posture and chronic pain relief?

Consistency is key to seeing improvements. We recommend practicing the mindful Pilates sessions at least 3 times a week. We can guide you on how to have short home practice, after attending the in-person couse. With regular practice, you can expect to experience enhanced posture, reduced chronic pain, increased body awareness, and overall physical and mental well-being.

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