Improve your posture

and prevent chronic pains with



You will feel your inner core muscles activated in your first lesson and feel a difference in your body in less than 7 days.

You will be guided on which

postural muscles to target

so that you can enhance your spinal health.

Many people experience chronic lower back pain.

Low back pain (LBP) has the highest prevalence globally among musculoskeletal conditions and is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

Most people experience LBP at some point in their lives. The peak in the number of cases occurs at 50–55 years, and women experience LBP more frequently than men.

Lessons are not just rejuvenating

but therapeutic

She walks her talk. Her coaching and energy levels have been consistent all these years. She not only guides, she continues to observe each of us diligently despite knowing our abilities and limitations. Her lessons are not just rejuvenating but therapeutic.


Globally, in 2020, neck pain affected 203 million people. By 2050, the estimated global number of neck pain cases is projected to be 269 million from 2020 to 2050. Females and middle-aged and older populations continue to have the highest burden of neck pain.

Above information from National Library of Medicine

8-week Mindful Pilates On-site


Physical & Mental Benefits

Stronger Core & injury prevention

Improved Posture and Pain Relief

Stress Reduction Mastery

Lifelong Wellness Habits

Mindful Pilates matwork helps you to

balance strength and mobility safely so that you can move freely. Practise anytime and anywhere.

Core Strengthening

Be guided on mindful pilates mat exercises that will strenghten your core and improve your posture and prevent chronic pains.

Increase Mobility

Balance of strength and mobility is required for us to stay pain free and move freely.

Improve Mental wellness

When we maintain good spinal health, we are able to breathe properly. This will enhance our nervous system which keeps us mentally healthy.

Dive deep to target your deep core muscles

(Tranversus Abdominis)

and not your superficial muscles only

What is

mindful pilates?

  • A series of customised pilates mat exercises for people with poor posture, chronic back and neck pains; who want to return to freedom of movement, stay strong and balanced for the long run.

  • Whether you are just starting out or have experienced pilates before, you will have the support to help you increase strength and mobility, without strains - saving you years of pains or errors of practising

This practice have helped many people in the last 20 years to alleviate chronic pains and feel much stronger and at ease. I will be very happy to help you

3 Pillars of Practice

Proper Breathing

Avoid breathing into your chest which causes neck and shoulder tension. Learn proper breathing.

Mindful Pilates

Avoid approaching pilates as a workout. Be guided on specially modified mindful pilates mat exercises that will strenghten your core effectively & safely.

Proper Relaxation

Learn how to relax properly. Reduce anxiety and return to balance. Improve your spinal health holistically. Proper rest helps us to balance our nervous system.

You no longer have to struggle with
  • doing daily activities with lingering back pain

  • cancelling your favourite sports acticities or travel plans due to back pain

  • poor posture that contributes to your pain

Mindful Pilates slows down your busy thoughts and guides you on how to activate those postural muscles mindfully.

You will feel your inner core muscles activated in just one lesson and feel the change in 30 days.

What will you be learning ?
  • Week 1 - General postural assessment & fundamental principles of Stott Pilates
  • Week 2 - 4
    You will be guided progressively from basic pilates mat exercises to customised core exercises, using the stretch band & pilates ball.
    (simple standing pilates exercises will be introduced)
  • Week 5 - 6
    You will be guided in short mindful pilates flow (connecting 3- 4 pilates exercises) to enhance strength and mobility. Stretch band and pilates ball will be used to both support and challenge core.
  • Week 7 & 8
    Explore different variations of essential pilates exercises that will challenge your core and improve balance.

What others experienced in this programme?


It was pure serendipity that Carol popped up on my FB feed. Practising with Carol has had an enormous impact on my mind and body, and put me in touch with the space within, in deep, loving and subtle way. Each class is a moving meditation, which really resonates with me. It's not easy finding the right teacher. And for this, I am immensely grateful.


I always had lower back pain issues, Carol's mindful pilates classes really helped me to stay balanced and be aware of my posture. After delivery, I continued the classes as it was important to gain back my strength and stamina.

Suzanna Kusuma

Having online classes with Carol was one of the best things I could have. The classes are well structured and focusing on the fundamentals...there's a lot of core engagement once we get into the details, though the exercises may look simple.


I have chronic lower back pain. I am able to function better in my daily routine after attending Carol's mindful pilates classes.


I have lower back pain. My physical and emotional energies are always lifted at the end of the mindful pilates class and yoga stretches.”

Nicole Hoeger

I’ve been suffering from strong tensions in neck and shoulders for a very long time...Carol's pilates mat exercises are well explained and very effective

Cheng Keong

I suffered from frozen shoulder. I went to chiropractor but couldn’t get it healed. My shoulder had recovered unknowingly while practising Mindful Pilates with Carol.


I attended Carol's 8-week Mindful Pilates course and it was a great experience. I learnt a lot about alignment and breathing which indirectly helped my yoga practice, as well. Carol conducts a well rounded class each week and I could feel myelf growing stronger slowly but surely. Carol is very knowledgeable and provides many safe modifications. She blends her knowlege and experience of pilates and yoga, and offers a balanced experience of each class.

Mindful Strengthening

You will be guided on the fundamentals of Stott Pilates and build strong inner core muscles effectively and safely, without straining your back or neck!

  • Customised core strengthening pilates mat exercises
  • Learn how to release tension with mindful breathing, relaxation & gentle yoga
  • Postural assessment to work on weaker and tighter muscles


Saturday 2pm-3.30pm

(Starting 17th Aug 2024)


Sunday 10am - 11.30am

(starting 25th Aug 2024)

@ Burlington Square, 175 Bencoolen Street

(near Rochor & Bugis MRT)

Every Saturday


  • Course location at Burlington Square (near Rochor & Bugis MRT)
  • All mats and props provided
  • Suitable for beginners

Date of Commencement :

17th Aug 2024

90 mins per session

(Only limited to 11 mat space)

Saturday Course is now full.

Please send email to enrol for next course in end Aug



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Every Sunday


  • Course location at Burlington Square (near Rochor & Bugis MRT)
  • All mats and props provided
  • Suitable for beginners

Date of Commencement :

24th Aug 2024

90 mins per session

(Only limited to 11 mat space)

Sunday Course is full.

Please send email to enrol

for next course in end Aug



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Mindful Movement heals

but you have to take care

of your sleep, nutrition and

lifestyle too. We share

mindfulness practices

outside of your mat practice.

How I can help you...

Carol Cheong

I have been teaching movements for more than 20 years and I highly recommend integrating mindful pilates with mindful breathing & proper relaxation in your practice, as it will enhance your spinal and mental health.

Many times, our chronic back pains are caused by our hectic lifestyles and mental or emotional stresses. If we want to relieve our chronic back pains for good, we need to balance both our body and mind to prevent the pain from returning.

We need movements to stay strong and the mindfulness approach, allows us to turn inwards (feel our breaths).
I help people to improve their postures, reduce chronic pains

and prevent injuries. Experience the mindful pilates with me and build strength mindfully and live pain free.

  • Certified Stott Pilates Instructor (Matwork)
  • Certified Sivananda Yoga Instructor (ATTC)
  • Certified Prenatal Teacher by The Centre for Women's Fitness by Carolyne Anthony
  • Certified Mental Wellness Coach & Facilitator

I know starting a movement programme can be challenging for some of you but if we value taking care of our spines for the long run, we will start now. Everyone wants to be pain free and not spend money on medical bills (absolutely avoidable).


We are happy to answer some of your questions

What is mindful Pilates, and how can it help improve my posture and relieve chronic pains?

Mindful Pilates combines the principles of Pilates with a focus on mindfulness and body awareness. This mini online course will teach you how to align your body properly, strengthen your core, and improve flexibility while cultivating a mindful connection with your movements. By practicing mindful Pilates regularly, you can experience enhanced posture and find relief from chronic pains caused by poor alignment and muscle imbalances.

Do I need any prior experience with Pilates to enrol in this on-site course?

This course is designed to accommodate all levels, including beginners. However, if you are absolutely new to movements, we will be giving a free 30 mins free consultation via zoom to assess your movements and body condition.

Whether you are new to Pilates or mindfulness, our instructors will guide you through each session with clear instructions and modifications to suit your individual needs and abilities.

How long is each lesson, and what props do I need for this course?

Each lesson in the mindful pilates course is 90 minutes long. The pilates exercises, breathing and relaxation guides are curated to efficiently target posture improvement and pain relief. As for props (resistance band and pilates ball) and mats, we will be providing for this course.

Will this course address specific chronic pain conditions such as back pain, neck pain, or joint discomfort?

Yes, our mindful pilates course is tailored to address common chronic pain conditions, including back pain, neck pain, and joint discomfort. Through focused exercises, you'll learn how to strengthen the supporting muscles, improve flexibility, and create better body alignment, which can alleviate pain and promote long-term relief. However, if you have acute pain or health condition, please consult your doctor before signing up.

How often should I practice mindful Pilates to see noticeable improvements in my posture and chronic pain relief?

Consistency is key to seeing improvements. We recommend practicing the mindful Pilates sessions at least 3 times a week. We can guide you on how to have short home practice, after attending the in-person couse. With regular practice, you can expect to experience enhanced posture, reduced chronic pain, increased body awareness, and overall physical and mental well-being.

Every Saturday


  • Course location at Burlington Square
  • All mats and props provided
  • Suitable for absolute beginners

90 mins per session

(Only limited to 11 mat space)

Aug Course intake is now open.



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Every Sunday


  • Course location at Burlington Square
  • All mats and props provided
  • Suitable for absolute beginners

90 mins per session

(Only limited to 11 mat space)

Aug Course intake is now open



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Part 3:

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Your instructor will be scheduling a short chat on whatsapp or a whatsapp call to further understand your movement goals, chronic pains and to answer any further questions that you may have.

Part 4:

Pre-Course Materials

Closer to date of course commencement, we will send you some notes and video links on the fundamentals of Pilates Matwork.

Live well and move strong

  • Improve posture
  • Prevent & relieve chronic back and neck pains
  • Build confidence in quality movements and feel young, as we age

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